Ship Repair Services

Any kind of repairing, prompt, and professional


Repairing is not always a predictable case as while in the sea, everything may go wrong, which will result in the need to repair ship’s mechanisms or hull.

In addition to the cases of breaks, the vessel may require current or global technical renovation as the marine industry is a very actively developing field, which constantly brings innovations onboard. That is why ships are upgraded sometimes and new ones are built taking into account all latest progressive technologies.

Deeply and thoroughly understanding these demands and needs, we have created the branch of assisting shipyards who are ready to take your vessel on the maintenance or repair.

Inside of this package, we provide such services:

  • selecting a shipyard according to your demand for quality, time, price, and more
  • appraisal of the timelines and cost
  • assisting with the signing of all required documents between you and the shipyard
  • assisting during the repairing or modernization process if any need
  • assisting during the acceptance process as well as signing the certificate of acceptance.

We also do more – and for the specific list, please address us and we’re sure we can handle your demand together.