Ship Agency Services

Everything you need in the marine business


We deliver and manage:

  • various formalities connected to the arrival of the vessel of any form, size, heaviness, water displacement, ownership, and type in the port, its stay and leaving
  • assistance in the provision of the berth to the vessel using tugboats or other
  • assistance in establishing contacts with port and local authorities to the owner or a manager of a vessel
  • protection of the interests of ship owners in customs, port, cargo companies and so on
  • managing all issues connected to loading and unloading of cargoes, searching for companies to rent a place on the ship to move their cargoes
  • dealing with all types of freights and their documental formalization, clearance, and making other connected actions
  • forming and managing documents for cargoes and further assisting
  • collecting of freight amounts and payments that must be paid to or by receivers or senders of cargoes, vessel owner, vessel manager, vessel workers and other related persons according to the existing sea contract or other documentation
  • paying of the destined sums of money for the done job or any other type of remuneration for all persons that are connected with a captain, vessel owner/manager, port authorities, crew, and so on, and dealing with all other amounts payable
  • attracting new clients to the transportation of cargoes and handling the fulfilled contracts
  • freight forwarding issues
  • doing other related actions.